"Best Hotel Management Institute in the State which produced toppers continuously since inception"


George Orwell prophetically proclaims ,"... The large army or scientists & technocrats, with the rest of us panting of us at their heels, are marching along the road of progress with the blind persistence of a column of ants... The progress of mechanization has itself become a machine, a huge vehicle whirling us as we are not certain where, but probably towards the padded well-word and the brain in the bottle."
 In fact, creativity is the crux of the problem amongst the engineers technocrats, pharmacist, managers and other professionals in our country certainly lag much behind in the cut-throat world competition. The H.R. Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad has realized the need to produce engineers,managers, professionals and other entrepreneurs with highly innovative and creative mind, blended with flexi skills to meet the challenges of the modern industry and other professions.

At the H.R. Group of Institutions , we believe in imparting the best technical and professional education in the domains of engineering, pharmacy, hotel management and business management education. Whereas the excellence in related field is provided to the professionals, their personality should also be groomed in such a way that they are endowed with ethical and moral values. Keeping in view this exigency, the HRGI organizes seminars and guest lectures by eminent academicians and also extra curricular activities like sports, games cultural activities, literacy events etc. In addition, we have highly dedicated faculty, excellent infrastructure, modern labs well equipped with the latest equipments/gadgets etc, pollution free academic environment, far from the din and cluster, fury and fatigue of the crowed city life I am fully confident that the new comers shall find their stay at the HRGI peaceful, gainful, and rewarding. I welcome them all.


H.R. Institute of Hotel Management Governed By Harish Chandra Ram Kali Charitable Trust